Wait… I Tell Myself

I have been thinking about the word wait, and I love that word.  It is everything I would wish to be.

Wait quietly. Wait patiently.  Wait slowly. Wait. Wait. Wait.

I tell myself to be gracious, to be kind.  I tell myself to wait.  To not rush my words.  To think before I speak.  To pray before I plan.  To plan before I take action.

I tell myself to think quietly.

I tell myself to wait, and be wise.  I tell myself to wait until the time is right, and then seize the day.

I tell myself that my time is short.  And I ask myself what I will do with that time.

My capability is low.  My strength is weak.  Strive for perfection, settle for excellence, a friend told me.

Festina Lente – Make haste slowly.  I think of the nuns in the Sound of Music, slowly walking to answer the bell at the gate.  I think of Treebeard – “Don’t be hasty!”  I think of God, who has been patient with me, and I yearn for the time when I will be perfected.


Work and wait, I tell myself.  Be productive, and wait.  Be kind, and wait.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato