Scavenger Hunt

We caught sight of cheeses, crackers, grapes, shrimp, bacon, potatoes, pork chops, home-made applesauce and ice cream before we went upstairs, with the smell of apple pie lingering in our nostrils.  The dinner aromas are creeping up to the third floor, where a game of boggle is being played, and boys are arguing that “gotta” is a legit word.

We’re starting to get very, very hungry.


It’s that one time where we have to use our wits in order to procure a dinner.

We must all be a Sherlock Holmes.

“Ruby, are you going to hunt for your food?!”

By a series of hints and clues, careful digging and searching, and, of course, by the use of our noses, we hope to find our dinner.

It all started awhile ago when we started backing out of the Halloween celebrations.  An alternative was created (this was before we started having Reformation Festivales.)  A scavenger hunt.  Dad thought up clues, and mom cooked dinner, placing each course in a different part of the house.  The kids were sent upstairs, and then it was their job to find the food by using the clues.  We haven’t done it in years, since we normally had a Reformation Festival.  But we did the Reformation Festival for 7 years in a row, and we thought that maybe this could be our “rest” year.  SO. We’re having the Scavenger Hunt tonight!

I know this is a rather far fetched thought… but supposing the clues were really really difficult, and we were denied food until we figured them out… it makes me very thankful for the call: “Hey kids! Dinner’s on, come and get it!”

The cold weather is setting in, folks.  It’s time to get out your booklists, pile up the firewood, put stacks of warm blankets in every room, and stock up on the tea.

As a status update (for a first) I have a group of four screaming children running up and down the stairs (or hobbling, rather) and racing around my room.  How to describe what they’re doing… they’ve put on their pants with their legs completely bended, so that their knees act as their feet.  Yes, they are racing around like that.  They look like quadriplegics (even though quadriplegic doesn’t mean what I think it does [insert Princess Bride quote: I do not think that word means what you think it means….]), except they have half their legs and their arms.  They’ve moved their activity down to the bedrooms, and the cat is unsuccessfully trying to lie down on my keyboard.

Today Luther came up and asked me to help him with his reading lesson. (CAT HAS SUCCESSFULLY SETTLED ON MY STOMACH… result… caps… awww, his eyes are closed… I think I’ll leave him.) Anyway, I stopped doing my math in order to help him out, and after he read to me all about King Alfred and Athe-wulf (he had trouble saying Athelwulf,) he got up and said: “I am SO sorry for bothering you. That took me SO long – I am so bad at it.  You could have had SO much math done by now!”  It made me laugh, and even if I did take longer on math today, I was so thankful that I was able to help him and spend time with him.  He’s such a precious boy.  He said a few days ago: “Ruby, if you were in an airplane, could you drink the clouds?”

Man, these kids are going to be hungry… they’re romping up here again.  They look like oversized frogs trying to out-leap each other.  And whenever they try to climb on the bed, they just tumble off again.

Have to go! Apparently we have to change locations, for purposes of hiding food… :D