Why I Don’t Like Jane Austen…

….and why I feel I can fully appreciate her again.

Her.meneutics: Why Men Should Read Jane Austen

What I have finally discovered I really disliked was the reception her novels get nowadays, and the way girls sigh over the heroes.


Emma is a classic story, with so much character development and so much to learn about relationships.  The same goes with the rest of her novels.  It’s not about the romance or the sentimentality.  I feel secure in liking Austen again because I see now that there is an intelligence and moral excellence and irony that often gets lost in her ability to draw up a really attractive hero… but it’s not her fault, because we’re the ones who have lost these things.

I really want to read Persuasion again.


2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Jane Austen…

  1. So glad you put away your pride, dumped your prejudice and regained some sense over this issue. Those of us with literary sensibilities like Jane Austen. Colin Firth will be pleased.


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