It’s A Crime Against The Character

Dear Writers,

Please do justice by the characters you create.  Let them be their own characters, not yours.  Let the things they do, the way the act, the thoughts they have, be in sync with their personalities, with their standards, in short, with their characters.  Let the developments be such as you would find in a persons of a specific character.  Write according to the laws of their characters.  The greatest injustice you can do to your own book or story is to make uncharacteristic type characters who do things that only help you reach your affirmed plot.  Change your plot to fit your characters, otherwise you’ll have a strained, forced ending.  We are not made with such personalities to do uncharacteristic things in order to fulfill the divine plan in this world, but rather, the divine plan is fulfilled simply by being who we are when we exercise our natural, God-given characters.  Don’t make them characters of many characters, but let them be their own characters with many characteristics.

My dear, dear friend Hayley posted a resolution on her blog, back when we were doing Fifty-Six Stories, and I just now remembered it and would like to share it with you.  If you are writing stories, even just for practice, this might be a good exercise.  Head in the clouds | According To…

Just remember all that.  We feel the justice in a sad ending like Othello or Romeo and Juliet or The Idiot or Narcissus and Goldmund, even, because we feel that the endings came about because the characters were perfectly characteristic.  Remember, “A good novel tells us the truth about its hero, but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.” (G.K. Chesterton)  If you write a good novel where the characters are actually characteristic, then people will see your hero or heroine as something perfectly rational, and will thus aspire after the good characteristics.  But if they see how irrational your characters are, they will naturally think that you have a very poor view on the true state of humanity and how it acts.  Really, it’s a crime against the character.


2 thoughts on “It’s A Crime Against The Character

  1. i luv the way you kind of have poems inspirer everything you do the way u write and be creative with it i luv it and i wish i was that way it really truly is beautiful and well since yesterday im ur biggest fan l0l :)

    • Dear Krissy,

      Thank you for leaving a comment; I’m glad you stumbled on my blog. I love poetry and I think it’s a huge inspiration for any thinker or writer, whether they are composing it or simply reading it.


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