A Year Ago Today….

… Chloe and I were psyched and jet-lagged after 36 hours of wakefulness.

And Chloe forgot we weren’t going to France.

….and we kept taking pictures of our excitement.

And we went down to Parliament Square, ate chocolate, and listened to Big Ben chime four o’clock.

And we tried not to fall asleep until nine PM.

And I dozed off standing up.

And we did all manner of things.

The next thing we knew, we were going to bed. Thousands of miles from home, we were seeking the only thing familiar to us.  But it was exciting—it was thrilling to be in London.  Everything was different.  We felt conscious of something – of something old, ancient.  We felt the history of the place.  Buildings built on generations of buildings, like a patchwork quilt.  But underneath all the modern buildings, there’s something old that could not be rebuilt.  And we were aware of this.  America felt comparatively young.  England felt very, very old.

So today was a day of reminiscence.  We remembered all the things we did.  We cannot go back right now – but we remember what we can… what we saw, the London noises, the London smells… yes we remember the London smell very well.  And we remembered the London people.  That throng of moving human beings.  I thought of Lord Nelson on his 218 foot pillar, and of the statue in front of Westminster Abbey with the Cardinal virtues carved – one virtue for each direction, North, South, East and West.

Such a trip creating lovely memories.  In a few weeks, you’re going to get another reminiscence.  It’s a journal entry that I will copy in here that I wrote in the wee hours of the morning on the train to Scotland.  I’ve been wanting to post it for various reasons for awhile since, but never felt the opportunity quite right. :)


One thought on “A Year Ago Today….

  1. Oh no! That’s already been a whole year! I am getting old too quickly! ;-) I can vividly recall when Olivia left for Paris – and that was two years ago!

    Looking forward to the journal entry.

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